Richard and Frances

Richard und Frances (Leitende Pastoren)

Verantwortungsbereiche: Pastorales, Gebet, Connect Groups, Lobpreis und Kinderdeienst

Richard has a great passion for God, His Word and His people, He loves his family and his job as a professional bassoonist in the FrankfurtOpera orchestra. Having grown up in Cape Town, South Africa (as well as in Belgium and in Brazil), Richard loves travelling and seeing different nations. He also enjoys running and has completed several marathons. Richard has a sense of humour (or so he thinks) and figures he can do all things with coffee and prayer. The letter to the Ephesians is one of his favourite dwelling places and he longs to see the Church live in love, unity and power so that the world is impacted with the wisdom and the love of the Father.

Frances was born and raised in Scotland where she studied music. After moving to Germany in 1985, she studied the flute at the college of music in Freiburg where she met Richard. After marrying in 1989, they had two sons, Her life revolves around family and church. She loves encouraging people and seeing them thrive in who God made them to be. Frances loves worship, Bible study, has a servant heart and notices everything that needs to be attended to. She loves travelling, learning the history of, and experiencing different cultures and especially trying out different kinds of food. Frances is practically minded and with a strong gift in teaching and discernment she has a passion to help people mature in Christ.

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Alexander und Natalie Blair (Co-Pastoren)

Verantwortungsbereiche: Prophetisches Training, Leiterentwicklung, Hosts, Creative Arts und Events

Alexander (Alex) was born and raised in London. Of Jamaican descendant, he has six sisters. His life was radically changed when he had an encounter with Jesus at the age of 18. From an angry young man, he has become a banker; passionate speaker dedicated church leader, husband and father. He never quits, and quickly identifies the heart of matters. He sees the redeeming factor in every situation and is in the business of encouraging anyone who comes his way. Whether preaching or teaching he enjoys tackling “real issues”. Alex loves to study the word, is a passionate life coach and really appreciates contemporary Gospel Music.

Areas of Responsibility: Prophetic Ministry & Leadership Development

Natalie (Nat) loves thinking out the box, making things happen and throwing people into the deep end of creativity and joy! Having graduated from bible school in Paris, she used to travel extensively whilst working for the German Stock Exchange (before she had kids… ) During one of these trips she met her now husband Alexander in London. Nat, who now works for Christ for all Nations in Frankfurt, has a passion for her family, young people, and creative events. Moreover she is a homemaker (when you come to her place you are bound to feel welcome and at home) and enjoys serving as an interpreter on international conferences.

Areas of Responsibility: KLF Hosts, Webpage and Events

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